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Building Capacity to reduce vulnerability from climate change in Foothills, Lowlands and Senqu River in Lesotho
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Welcome to the RVCC Learning Program website. This learning programme has been developed to support the implementation of the “Reducing vulnerability from climate change in Foothills, Lowlands and Senqu River Basin” (RVCC) project.

The learning programme aims to build capacity within the Socio-Economic Unit in order to deliver on the outputs of the RVCC program that require Socio Economic Unit (SEU) of the Lesotho Ministry of Forestry Range and Soil Conservation (MFRSC) and other line ministries to conduct “climate-driven vulnerability assessments and cost-benefit analyses of specific adaptation interventions undertaken for each of the selected Community Councils.”

Programme outcomes

The programme aims to:

  • Enhance the capacity of identified trainees to collect, evaluate and interpret meaningful climate change data from relevant sources and authorities to enable effective project planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Build knowledge of and skills in the assessment of climate change risk and vulnerability in order to identify factors contributing to vulnerability in a specified area.
  • Build capacity to identify, prioritise and implement climate change adaptation responses for a specified area and interventions.
  • Build knowledge of managing climate change intervention projects/activities.
  • Build knowledge of and skills in using cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis to assess the feasibility of adaptation projects.
  • Build capacity to use the RVCC monitoring and evaluating system in existing and future projects.

The program is divided in the following three modules:

Module 1: Understanding climate change

Module 2: Assessing feasibility –  Cost-benefit analysis and Cost-effectiveness analysis

Module 3: Monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions